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Author: 1Harmony

With two new songs on the market, Omari Banks is doing the promo rounds. He refuses to be labeled or boxed in to categories coined by contemporary music pundits. Half Full or Half Empty and You’re Gonna Make It are his latest singles. The former is self-produced for his Omari Music label, and features veteran […]

PRODUCER Gary Sutherland is pleased with the reception to his various artistes compilation album Jumpout Production Presents: One Drop Mystic Riddim Vol 1 since its release in August. Sutherland said the 11-song set took six months to complete. “The reception has been overwhelming and we are happy that persons have been giving the songs the […]

Lack of originality is one of the reasons Ky-Mani Marley gave for Jamaicans failing to dominate major international music charts in recent times. In a recent interview with The Gleaner, the Grammy-nominated artiste said that much of the music being produced on the local scene today lacks creativity. “My family has always been about building, […]

In a space where promoters are uneasy because their events may be shut down early, where recording artistes and producers lament the strain of payola, where performers are fined for particular utterances, there are players with ideas as to how to amplify the musical soundscape and make Jamaica and it’s culture sing louder. Beyond producing […]

Since its implementation in 1997, the Noise Abatement Act has been a pain in the rear for sound system operators, particularly those in the Corporate Area. With the law considered an action by the Government to quiet the audible imposition of all-night parties, entertainment industry insiders may have finally figured out how to defend their […]

UK-based recording artiste Stylo G claims that he has been traumatised by an incident during which policemen detained him and four members of his entourage briefly at the National Police College of Jamaica in Twickenham Park, St Catherine, then processed and released them on Monday. “It just traumatising fi me fi know say I’m here working […]

They were the duo that was largely responsible for the transformation of dancehall from being a place, to having its own identity. Their overall contribution to the growth of the industry is hard to even fully measure. They were Steely and Clevie. Now there is only Clevie. This September marks 10 years since Steely, whose […]

The Gleaner , this week, hosted an Entertainment Forum exploring the topic, ‘ m ake dancehall music great again’, with some of the stakeholders in the music industry. Over the next three days, we will be publishing the views and recommendations of the panellists – Patra, Benzly Hype, Squeeze, Koriq Clarke, Danny Browne, Dean Fraser […]

While discussing the local music industry’s current turmoil, in an Entertainment Forum hosted by The Gleaner, on Tuesday, some panellists came at the ready, with their own diagnoses for why contemporary dancehall music, produced locally, has yet to break internationally, like that from pop music chart-toppers who borrow the genre’s elements. Particularly, DJ Squeeze explained […]

Popularity does not necessarily translate into sales. That is the story on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart this week. Dancehall artistes Jahmiel and Chronic Law debut with paltry sales of their album and EP, respectively. Great Man by Jahmiel is number six with 107 copies sold. Released July 26 by DJ Frass Records and Chimney […]